As my client you can expect to receive individual attention and support on an ongoing basis:

Investment Management
As the fiduciary responsible for your financial assets, all our investment decisions are made keeping your best interest in mind.  Investment returns are very important for your ultimate financial goals, such as, retirement and wealth transfer to the next generation.  We believe asset allocation and risk management play the most important roles in the total return from your investment portfolio.  Keeping that in mind, we built globally diversified portfolios, monitor and manage risk actively.                                                  

Comprehensive Tax Planning
More than 50% of your hard earned money goes to the federal and state government in the form of current income taxes.  At the time of wealth transfer to your loved ones, you would pay another 40% estate tax over certain lifetime exemption limit.  So it’s not a secret that a significant portion of your wealth will go to the government without any planning.   Most of the taxes can be avoided with proper tax planning and strategies.  There are several tax strategies that can save millions of dollars, if properly done on a timely basis.  Which means millions of additional dollars to your loved one.  We help you plan and implement tax strategies appropriate to your situation.

Estate Planning
Most people view estate planning as having a “Living Trust.”  The main purpose of the living trust is to avoid probate and achieve a few basic goals.  In addition to this basic estate planning there are numerous advanced estate planning strategies that can save hundreds of thousand dollars for a small estate to millions of dollars for a modest to large estate.  As mentioned earlier, you are subject to 40% estate tax on wealth transfer to your loved ones, over the lifetime exemption amount.  With advanced strategies, we can minimize the amount of estate taxes paid thus maximizing the amount transferred to your loved ones.